Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always such an important holiday! Today is the time to celebrate the women who shaped our lives in the best way possible. The women who teach us so much, from how to fold a duvet to how to make the best of every situation. Take this day as an opportunity to celebrate your mom, and let her know how much you love her! 


New Year, New Stationary

2016 is finally here. With this fresh start comes new goals to reach. Whether you want to brighten someone else' day or  be on top of everything, new stationary can aid to your success! 

Improving organization and increasing efficiency is the repeating theme with new years resolutions, and notepads are here to help. You can write to-do lists, track progress on projects, or jot down self-memos to yourself with some cute new notepads! 

Even though the holidays are officially over, you can never go wrong with having personalized stationary in your collection. Owning stationary that is ready to be used for a thank-you note can turn out to be very handy.  If you want to spread some positivity this year, purchase some stationary to send letters to your loved ones. Receiving a letter from someone you care about unexpectedly will brighten anyones day! 

The idea of a fresh start is so appealing! Get organized, connect with your loved ones, and enjoy 2016 with some new stationary in your possession!