walton street dogs



Sending heartfelt correspondence is so much sweeter with your loyal companion adorning it! With my love of dogs and affinity for beautiful stationery, it was a natural fit to launch my own line of engraved dog cards.  Working with a talented local artist and friend, we designed a series of 6 dogs that are engraved in gold on heavy card stock, and hand edged, with hand lined envelopes.  The series includes a Westie, Jack Russell, Poodle, Dachshund, Labrador and Golden Retriever.  We also have engraved petite notepads and gift tags.

Stationery set: $40

Gift Tags: $20 for 10

Notepads: $6

Custom artwork and engraving can be done, all we need is a photo of your 4 legged friend.

Now available at Leta Austin Foster in Palm Beach, Fl.

"Home is where is the dog is."