How to Get Holiday Cards Done in 4 Steps

We all know that the holidays are busy, but they should be enjoyed! Finding the perfect holiday cards shouldn't be a chore. Assembling all of the details you adore onto one card does not have to be difficult. Here is how you simplify the holidays:

1) Find Your Picture

If you plan to take your family picture soon, schedule it! It's best to have lots of time to get your desired portrait, but don't stress over it being perfect. An easier route is finding a posh picture from your summer adventures. This is possibly the most difficult step, so don't get too discouraged- the rest is fun!

2) Make a Mailing List

Take this time to remember the people who have made your year memorable. I find it's easier to add to this list over time, if you write a long list in one sitting, you are bound to forget some lovely people. If you saved last year's holiday cards, bring them out again and copy down the return addresses. 

3) Contact Walton Street Stationers for a consultation!

 Organize an appointment to get help on all of the details. Get help finding the perfect color palette, fonts, and other fun details! If you don't have a picture, try a festive design! 

4)  Send the final designs out to your loved ones! This experience should be joyful. Don't let it become a chore; create personalized holiday cards that encompasses you and your family! Deck the halls!

PS: If you want to have amazing holiday cards AND get a great deal, order them in the month of October to receive 10-25% off!