Walton Street helps on the fight against women's cancers

Rock, Paper, Cocktails is a fun annual event that raises money (an estimated $25,000 this year) for women's gynecological cancer. This year, it is being held at Washington Golf & Country Club. There, you can shop from a dozen local boutique vendors, and browse beautiful jewelry, art, fashion, unique personal gifts, fine stationery (Walton Street Stationers will be there!), and be well refreshed with a cocktail. This social event is not only beneficial for the vendors and you, but 20% of the vendors’ proceeds go to help in the battle against women's gynecological cancer. Nothing is better than purchasing some awesome finds and knowing that you are not only helping yourself, you are helping thousands of women! Jennifer McGihon, the founder of this event, was inspired to take action and help women affected with gynecological cancer when she battled and defeated stage III ovarian and stage I uterine cancer at 32. Seven years later, and Rock, Paper, Cocktails is booming!

Interviewer:How did you start Rock, Paper, Cocktails? How has it grown over the years?

Jennie: The idea for RPC came to me when I was in the chemo chair looking around at all of the sick women in the room. I remember thinking that there had to be a fun way to raise awareness about these deadly diseases and that I couldn't stop fighting them at the end of my treatment. The first event was held in the private dining room of my friend's restaurant, had four vendors and grossed about $2,000. Now in its seventh year, the event will be held in the ballroom of Washington Golf Country Club, will have about 15 vendors, and should gross about $25,000 or more this year. It's been so fun to watch it grow.

Interviewer: Who/what was your inspiration for this event?

Jennie: My inspiration for the event is/was women. I love all of the women in my life - from my family to dear friends and their daughters to my colleagues - and I just want all of them to be as healthy and happy as possible. I saw women dying around me during my treatment because they didn't have good information about the symptoms of women's below the belt cancer so I created the event to be a fun way to raise awareness, while also raising funds. This year's event will benefit Inova's Women in Need Fund, which supports underserved women in treatment for gynecologic cancers.

Interviewer: How did you get the name for the event?

Jennie: I thought about what sounds fun and represents what's being sold (rock = jewels and paper = stationery and gifts)? It also plays on rochambeau...you know, defeating the opponent. Rock...paper...cocktails...it just fit.

Interviewer: What are some of your favorite things to do in Alexandria? Favorite restaurants? Favorite shops? Favorite places to go?

Jennie: I love my hometown. I love walking or running along the GW Parkway down toward Mt. Vernon. I have a handful of favorite spots in Old Town and Del Ray, including the bar at Restaurant Eve, Society Fair, Hank's, Le Refuge for holiday dinners with friends, Evening Star and Los Tios. Curated is a new favorite gift stop and I love the Shoe Hive, Red Barn Mercantile and Random Harvest.

Interviewer: If you had a motto, what would it be?

Jennie: I don't know if I have a motto but if I did, it would probably be to live life to the fullest because it only happens...once!

Interviewer: If you could sum Rock, Paper, Cocktails up into one word, what would it be?

Jennie: Can I please have two? Please?!? They would be FUN and INSPIRATIONAL.

If you plan to attend Rock, Paper, Cocktails, order tickets at http:// rockpapercocktails2015.eventbrite.com/
Walton Street Stationers will be there, so if you want the perfect stationery for the upcoming seasons, come to The Washington Golf & Country Club Tuesday, September 9 and look around!

For more information on Rock, Paper, Cocktails, visit https://www.facebook.com/ RockPaperCocktails/info?tab=page_info